Good Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

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The subject of art can spark much discussion and debate. What is art? What makes a piece of art good or bad? Is there such a thing as bad art?

Art, like many things in life, is so subjective. It goes back to the old adage 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' What one person loves, someone else will hate and vice versa. How often have you walked around a gallery and heard people comment - or perhaps you've thought yourself - 'my five-year-old child could have done that' about a piece of modern art? Or perhaps you've looked at a famous painting and been hugely underwhelmed (as I was when I saw the Mona Lisa on a visit to The Louvre). Yet these works are in galleries, they are painted by world famous artists and can be worth millions of pounds.

So if we don't like a particular piece of art, are we missing something? Why don't we 'get it'?

There is an actress my husband thinks is really unattractive; I disagree, I think she is very beautiful. The point is we all have different opinions on beauty and what makes something appealing or attractive. It makes sense then that we wouldn't all like the same art. And thank goodness for that! With all our different art tastes and all the different art available there is something for everyone.

When purchasing art, I would therefore suggest buying something that you find beautiful; something you will be happy to see everyday. It will speak to you. You will see a piece of art and you will just have to have it. Earlier this month I sold a painting at a local art exhibition. I happened to be working at the exhibition when the buyer first enquired about it. She said there was just something about it she loved, something that really appealed to her. That's the way to buy art. It doesn't matter if others think it's good or bad, what matters is how much you love it. Do you have to have that particular piece? That's the time to buy.


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